Know when to Hold ‘em Know When to Fold ‘em- Buying and Selling Stocks

Do you have  crystal ball to inform you when the best time is to buy and sell your stocks? If you do, great! For the rest of us, the ability to buy and sell stocks can be even more difficult than flying in a plane that’s flown off course, skydiving into a desert of a country that you don’t know the language to- all alone.  Should you turn left or right?  Will there be water over the next sand dune to quench your thirst, or are there ferocious cannibals waiting for their next meal? Does this sound fun to you?

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How to Choose Your Ideal Mutual Fund

What is a Mutual Fund?

Suppose that you’re shopping in an investment “store” for a few ideas that will grant you a good return for your money. You see some relatively inexpensive options, but the ones that really interest you are more expensive. So you go home and call your friends to see if they would be interested in investing along with you. Then, all of you pool your money together to get a better item. This is the basis of a mutual fund, except you don’t know the other investors.

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Got $100? Start Investing With It

For the majority of working women in the U.S., the mere thought of being able to invest is just a far-off dream; way out in the distance, as living paycheck to paycheck is a way of life. But I’m here to tell you that with as little as $100, you can start investing for your future and learn a bit of info along the way!

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Diversity in Your Portfolio

You’ve probably heard time and time again about the importance of diversifying your portfolio. You’ve also probably been involved in more than one conversation about it, only maybe you weren’t exactly sure what they were talking about, even though you sounded like you did. It’s really just as simple as what its called; adding diversity, or a variety or assortment of stocks, bonds and short-term investments to your portfolio. Much like your mother told you when you were a kid,“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”

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How to Get the Best Return on Certificates of Deposit

The recent hike in interest rates isn’t carrying with it all bad news. Yes, we are paying a bit more for loans and credit cards balances, but we’re also getting back a higher return on federally insured investments.

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