Who Qualifies for Federal College Aid?

Believe it or not, the federal government of the United States is the single largest source for financial aid for students, with over 70% of all such funds stemming from this lone source. By tapping into every available resource, you will be able to get a hold your fair share.

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Online Degrees - Are they for Your Family?

Earning a college degree online is just one of the amazing advances made through the internet revolution. It’s really quite amazing how we have all come to be so reliant on the world wide webl a tool that wasn’t really used very often only a decade ago has morphed into an art (and language).

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Qualified Tuition Programs for Working Families

Qualified Tuition Programs (QTP) (formerly known as State Qualified Tuition Programs) began as a means to prepay or set aside funds for a college education. These are also known as 529 plans.

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Cut your Child’s College Bill in Half-with Long Term Planning

It comes as no surprise that your child’s college tuition bill could easily quadruple the amount that you paid (or your parents paid) when you were fresh out of high school. No matter if we, the parents, plan on carrying this financial burden for our kids, or have decided to let them pay for it on their own, there is one common ground; paying more than necessary is not something we want.

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5 Tips to Start Your College Savings Plan NOW

A college education is one of the largest investments that one will ever make, in more ways than one. Besides the investment into the future of the student, the bill for such an education isn’t exactly cheap.  As with everything in life, every little bit helps; you just need to make sure that you’re getting the most out of every dime you save to keep the benefits in your favor.  So here it is: the Top 5 Tips to Start Your College Savings Plan NOW!

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