Tips for Getting Back onto the Credit Horse After Bankruptcy

Credit can be a scary topic, especially for those who have recently filed for bankruptcy protection through the federal court system. Heading into the courtroom while feeling like a loser who can’t pay their bills, you say that you’ll never allow this situation to happen to you again. You’re going to pay cash for every purchase you make for the rest of your life, as credit cards will no longer have a home in your wallet, right?

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Life after Bankruptcy-What You Can Expect

The bankruptcy stories are seemingly endless and there incredible variations among them too. Some will claim that their life has been nothing short of fantastic since they finalized their bankruptcy, while others will say that it was a colossal mistake to file. Just what is a potential filer supposed to believe? Who will tell you what is going to happen? Why won’t someone just give you a straight answer?

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Can Filing Bankruptcy Cost You Your Job… Legally?

There have been a lot of stories lately about the new bankruptcy laws and what they mean to potential filers seeking some financial relief through the bankruptcy codes. According to the rumor mill, your employer can fire you if they find out that you’ve been involved in the process.

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Bankruptcy Basics - Chapters 7, 11, & 13 in Plain English

The decision concerning filing for bankruptcy protection is one that should not be done in haste. Even though the thought of having all of your bills vanish before your eyes may sound like a dream come true, there’s the aftermath of potential humility, the possiblity  of being looked upon negatively be society, and the potential of being turned down for new employment. A lot of work will need to go into rebuilding your credit, because it is crucial to everyday life in this country.

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Bankruptcy and Your Credit Score- What Really Happens

Your personal credit score is a number between 350 and 900. That score is a rating system in which potential creditors, employers and insurers (just to name a few) decide what kind of person you have been- all based on your bill paying habits.

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