Your Bank, Your Money, Your Privacy

There has been quite a bit of media attention in past months regarding the privacy policies that the federal government has implemented to help protect you, the consumer, in regards to your personal privacy within the financial industry.  Even though all businesses throughout the industry are required to notify you of their compliance to these issues, as well as exactly what their particular policy is and its affects on you, the terminology used can be a bit overwhelming.  For this reason, a translation from "Big Bank to Consumer" is provided here for your use.

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Should You Open a Money Market Account?

If you’re one of the lucky who has $1,000 or more in a ”rainy day fund” just sitting around in a savings account earning minimal interest because you want to have access to it “just in case”, a money market account might be just your ticket to earning a higher return.

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How Safe is Paying Your Bills Online?

You may just be one of the millions of US consumers who have decided to recycle their personal checkbooks and say “buh-bye” to buying postage stamps. How? By utilizing your personal computer and its internet access to pay your monthly bills online.

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Good Old Fashioned Savings Accounts- Does Anyone Still Use Them?

Vivid childhood memories of walking into the bank (or neighborhood credit union) with a savings account passbook in one hand and a crisp five dollar bill in the other (half of the money that Aunt Shirley gave you for your birthday) seem to be almost ancient history to many. There was that sense of pride and feeling of accomplishment when the banking associate would give you back your personal passbook after your deposit was made. Watching the balance rise after each transaction, no matter how small the deposit was, made you more than proud to have your very own savings account.

But with CD’s, mutual funds, and so many other options, is a savings account just a thing of the past?

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Bank or Credit Union? That is the Question

If your quizzical mind has brought you here, you’re most likely one of the millions of Americans that is unsure about the differences between banks and credit unions. Quite simply put, credit unions are “non-profit” while banks are “for-profit”.

Now I bet you’re wondering what that means for you.

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