You may like your money where you can see it, but it doesn’t always have to be hanging in your closet

Shopping is an expensive experience for all. Yes even for the grandpas and dads out there (how else could their daughters afford all those Louboutins?)

Sometimes you find yourself counting the pennies and exchanging the holiday leftovers.

The worst feeling for any fashionista is falling in love with an item only to discover, you don’t have enough to pay for it.

Personally, I have cut down on the amount of shopping trips, started a fund box for each season of the year and have done my research. That way the pennies add up to an outfit and the pounds can be saved for sprees.

You may like your money where you can see it

But who says shopping has to have a purse stinging after effect? Planning is the way forward.

Note the difference between shopping sprees and trips:

Sprees are for splashing out and should:

Only take place 2-3 times a year

Be in a different city

Include a good lunch

Offer the opportunity to be spontaneous and step out of your comfort zone

Trips are essential purchases:

Take place around twice a month

At your local mall/shopping centre

Shouldn’t last a whole day

Search the web for inspiration, read reviews and tips on products, visualise how you would wear it and finally make the crucial decision- is this for me?

It may be time consuming my friends but you could be saving yourself from a bank statement shock, unwanted trip to exchange and disappointment.

Try out what colours suit you best and borrow any similar items your friends may own before splashing out on a new look

It’s all about saving money, recycling and exchanging too. Give your wardrobe a detox: bag up all your old clothes, shoes and purses, swap with friends and do a huge eBay sale

Before buying an item ask:

Do I have shoes/bags/makeup to style the look?

If no then step away, wait for it to go on sale

Have I seen loads of other people wearing this?

If yes it’s a bad investment, the last thing you want is walking in to a club/bar/restaurant/party to see someone else wearing the dress- awkward!

Have I shopped around enough? Is there a chance if finding something similar at a better price?

If in doubt, ask an assistant to hold the product for you that way you can always go back

Do I really want this or does it just look nice on the mannequin?

Everything is designed to look pretty in the store but unless you really want it, do not buy it

But of course, stay chic, stay stylish, stay you.

Geek xx

You may like your money where you can see it


This is a Guest Post brought to you by our friend - Chic Geek owner Jessica Clarke – a Fashion Blogger form UK. Thank you Jess!

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