Interview with Megan Fashion Blogger

Interview with Megan Fashion BloggerToday’s Interview is with Megan (A Closet Fashionista Blog Owner). And here are our questions!

Q: How did you first become interested in fashion and why is it important for you?

Megan: I was always interested in fashion in one way or another, my mom says I would wear a dress every day in elementary school. I love fashion because it is a great way for me to express myself. I am a very shy person but through fashion I can show people my personality and the real me.

Q: What inspires you? Who are your favorite designers?

Megan: I can be inspired by anything, but lately I’ve been inspired by my favorite fashion bloggers and street style blogs. My favorite designers are Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, DKNY and many more!

Q: What was the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

Megan: A Chanel purse that I saved up for for two years. I bought it pre-owned but in perfect condition so it saved me a tiny bit of money, but it was still quite a splurge.

Q: What are your cost saving tips? Can you share them with our readers?

Megan: I practically never pay full price for an item. If I see something I like I put it on my wishlist and wait for it to go on sale or for there to be coupon codes for that specific store.

Q: What things do you choose to save money on?

Megan: I usually try to save money on everything, but I especially want to save when it comes to trendy items that I know I won’t wear that often. Sometimes I like to try out trends that I wouldn’t normally wear so I get those cheap.

Interview with Megan Fashion Blogger

Q: Do you have money saving tips for our readers when it comes to fashion?

Megan: I (almost) always shop in the sale section first. I hate to pay full price for items. I also frequent stores like Marshalls and TJ Maxx because you can find great, on trend pieces, for less. Make sure to look for coupons as well.

Q: What do you think about taking out a loan for buying something you love? Have you ever taken a loan?

Megan: I think that is a bit excessive and I have personally never done it but I guess if someone REALLY wants something that badly then it’s okay, ha ha. I prefer to save little bits at a time and build up to my purchases so they mean more to me.

Q: What are your TOP 5 favorite fashion blogs and why? Do you mind if we interview them too?

Megan: This is only a small sampling of my favorites because I have so many:

  1. - Camille has such cool and effortless style
  2. – same as above for Jamie
  3. - Lydia always finds amazing deals and styles her clothes so well
  4. - I love how Emily incorporates travel into her blog as well as fashion.
  5. – Jessica has a great eye for accessories and her taste is spot on


Thanks to fashion blogger Megan owner! It was nice to speak to you! Thank you!

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