Interview with Lauren Lanza Osias Fashion Blogger

Interview with Lauren Lanza Osias Fashion BloggerToday’s Interview is with Lauren Lanza Osias (Chic & Skinny Blog Owner). And here are our questions!

Q: How did you first become interested in fashion and why is it important for you?

Lauren: I’ve always loved fashion, but in the past 6-7 years I have really come to appreciate the importance of fashion. It’s not just what we wear from day-to-day, it’s an outward expression of our innermost selves, which is so amazing. What else can show that!? When you have on the right outfit, you feel like you can take over the world. That’s a pretty awesome feeling.

Q: What inspires you? Who are your favorite designers?

Lauren: I find inspiration in the street style of models and artists. They really get the aesthetic of what looks good, but they also add this quirky artistic factor that really brings a cool edge. I love Stella McCartney, Lanvin, and Rodarte… Truth is, there aren’t many designers I don’t love. Lol.

Q: What was the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

Lauren: I bought my first Marc by Marc Jacobs bag 6 years ago and payed full price. $495, I think. My husband was appalled.

Q: What are your cost saving tips? Can you share them with our readers?

Lauren: Since my first bag, I’ve yet to pay full price for a designer purse! I am always looking for a sale. I love beautiful and fancy things, but it is so easy to find deals if you are willing to look. Piperlime is one of my favorite sites. They carry tons of designer brands and often offer great discounts on their entire website. They do 10% Tuesdays and other great deals that could save you a bundle, plus they offer free shipping. I also try and buy quality not quantity, so when I shop I might only get one or two items opposed to a ton of lesser quality pieces… But I know that my quality items will last a lifetime!

Q: What things do you choose to save money on?

Lauren: Trends. I’m going to spend my money on any bold or crazy trend that is only going to be around for a season or so. I use stores like Forever21 and H&M for the fun trendy stuff. I also save on basics like t-shirts, I have about 2 million Target boyfriend t-shirts. They are perfect and they cost 8 bucks!!

Interview with Lauren Lanza Osias Fashion Blogger

Q: Do you have money saving tips for our readers when it comes to fashion?

Lauren: Before I purchase I ask myself “Is this worth the money? How many times will I actually wear this? Do I actually need it or just want it?” It’s all about self-control for me! If I know I’ll wear the item 25+ times I know it’s worth the money because the price per wear will be low. I also try not to splurge on an item unless it’s an investment piece, like a winter coat or separates to wear to work. Like I said earlier, check out local thrift shops and discount stores because you never know what hidden treasures you’ll find!

Q: What do you think about taking out a loan for buying something you love? Have you ever taken a loan?

Lauren: A loan?? Um, no never… I feel like if you really want to purchase something epic, then you save until you can buy it. Currently I’m working towards a Balenciaga handbag… Ah, dreams…

Q: What are your TOP 5 favorite fashion blogs and why? Do you mind if we interview them too?

Lauren: Marie a la Mode, Fashion Chalet, We Wear Things, With Love & Oh to be a Muse. They are all such real people. Funny, interesting, beautiful, and absolutely in love with fashion.

Hope that helps!!!

Thanks to fashion blogger Lauren Lanza Osias owner! It was nice to speak to you! Thank you!

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