Interview with Jacqueline Fashion Blogger

Today’s Interview is with Jacqueline (Je Ne Sais Quoi Fashion Blog Owner). And here are our questions!

Q: How did you first become interested in fashion and why is it important for you?

Jacqueline: I have always been drawn to fashion, but my interest really blossomed when my my mother gave me a copy of Teen Vogue and I began to love editorial and high fashion. I really can not explain why it is important to me as I am just intrinsically drawn to fashion.

Q: What inspires you? Who are your favorite designers?

Jacqueline: I am inspired mainly by magazines, old movies, and of course blogs!

Q: What was the most expensive thing you have ever bought?

Jacqueline: The most expensive thing I have ever bought would be a trench coat I invested in, it was close to a hundred dollars and I got it at Burlington! I really have not spent much money on fashion because I am a student and am saving all my money for my tuition. I did pay for half of my car though!

Interview with Jacqueline Fashion Blogger

Q: What are your cost saving tips? Can you share them with our readers?

Jacqueline: As for cost saving tips, I would say just be realistic about what you need and what is worth your money. For example a designer nail polish in a shade you are not going to wear often probably isn’t worth the money. However a designer foundation may be, especially since drugstore makeup has gotten so expensive. I am very good at saving money, by the time I transfer in the fall from a community college to a university I will have enough money to cover all of my tuition for my final two years. And if I don’t have to spend it on tuition, then I will very likely have enough for a down payment on a home, depending on where I move. I have achieved this simply by not spending or wasting money. I am very choosy about what fashion purchases I make and always buy on sale or with a discount.

Q: What things do you choose to save money on?

Jacqueline: I choose to save money on cosmetics and fashion items. I bought a sweater the other day that was $50 for $25, the store was having forty% off everything and then I got an extra 15% off for being a student.

Q: Do you have money saving tips for our readers when it comes to fashion?

Jacqueline: My tips for saving on fashion would be to research what discounts are available to you, students and teachers get discounts at many clothing stores! And shockingly enough some outlet malls give discounts to seniors, which you only have 50 years old to receive!

Q: What do you think about taking out a loan for buying something you love? Have you ever taken a loan?

Jacqueline: I think you should never take out a loan unless it is for a car, house, education or something extremely important. Instead of paying that loan every month and paying more than you need to because of interest, just save for what you want. And see if by the time you’ve saved the money if you even want it anymore! I have yet to take out a lone but I may for my tuition.

Q: What are your TOP 5 favorite fashion blogs and why? Do you mind if we interview them too?

Jacqueline: My top five fashion blogs are This is Glamorous, Cup Cakes and Cashmere, Atlantic Pacific, Into The Gloss and A Very Sweet Blog.

(Please Edit Out: You probably be only able to reach A Very Sweet Blog.)

Thanks to fashion blogger Jacqueline owner! It was nice to speak to you! Thank you!

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