New Year Travel Infographic

The given infographic represents the statistics of pre-Christmas travelling in America. We can vividly note that 41% of Americans prefer to appoint their winter journey in the days before the Christmas. Thus, you can make the obvious conclusion – almost 128 million of Americans go to warmer climes in the Christmas holidays. The most amusing fact in the desperate desire of Americans to travel is the absence of the passports in the overwhelming mainstream of the population (64%). Naturally, the warmer climes become limited to Florida, Texas, California, Illinois and New York. Exactly these states are the most popular spots for Christmas vacations. In order to reach the destination people are using the most diverse means of transport are: planes, trains, buses, cars and motorcycles. For the general education and better image of Americans one should know that a week of living in a mediocre New York hotel in the Christmas eves costs 735$. So there is no surprise that vast majority of Americans tend to take payday loans just before the New Year, for a nice family trip.

New Year Travel Infographic

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