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Online Degrees - Are they for Your Family?

Earning a college degree online is just one of the amazing advances made through the internet revolution. It’s really quite amazing how we have all come to be so reliant on the world wide web- a tool that wasn’t really used very often only a decade ago has morphed into an art (and language) all its own.

Shopping’s a breeze now, as the dreaded task of driving from store to store in search of the perfect gift has been replaced with such terms as “Googled” and “virtual shopping cart”.  The need to go to the library to research a topic for a school report is now obsolete, as you can find information on absolutely any topic from the comfort of your own home.  

Colleges and universities have jumped onto the virtual bandwagon, offering more than just the ability to be at home while attending a class.  More and more higher learning institutions are implementing “Asynchronous Classes”, which make your particular course of study even more flexible.  This is basically how an asynchronous class works:

  • a professor or teacher records the class lecture and assembles the necessary assignments to make one full class in order to pass it onto the students.  This is typically done in advance of a scheduled class week.
  • This class is viewed by the students at any time during the week of the class, with all assignments due at the end of the scheduled one-week period.
  • Students may take or “download” the class whenever they would like from wherever they would like to be. 
  • If you’re not feeling well, stuck in traffic, lose your babysitter, or simply don’t want to deal with finding a parking space at a college campus, you don’t have to worry about missing a class- EVER!

Of course, just as with anything you do over the internet, there are some risks involved.  You need to do your homework on any tentative online college campus to make sure they are legitimate.

How to Tell if an Online Degree Program isn’t for Your Family

Some of us need the structure of a physical classroom to set the “mood for learning”.  It can be tough to find the time and self discipline necessary to fully focus on the course of study from home.  One has to be absolutely sure that their mind won’t stray off to playing the latest video game, checking email, or the looking up the latest weather forecast every five minutes.  The determination must come from inside of the individual to become a successful online student.

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