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Cost of Beauty [Infographic]

The infographic below demonstrates beauty from a financial and statistical point of assessment. It clearly shows that the average spendings on the institution of maintaining beauty are approximately 59 billion American dollars. Moreover, some of them even take cash loan from legit payday loan lenders to cover their needs. The spendings of one average woman in the USA is about 40 dollars a month.

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A Woman's Guide to Mutual Fund Classes

It’s a crazy world we live in- especially when it comes to investing. It seems that just when we get a handle on the current situation, something else gets thrown into the mix to add confusion and instability to an already nerve-racking experience.  Take Mutual Fund Classes- it seems like they do this just to make it even more confusing.

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Saving for a Rainy Day? When to Buy an Umbrella!

What does an umbrella do? It gives you shelter from the elements- rain, sun, snow--when you have nothing to keep you safe, it serves to protect you. Umbrella insurance protects you against a catastrophic lawsuit or judgment after your regular homeowner’s or auto insurance policy runs dry. To sum it up, an umbrella is a shield that’s primary goal is to protect you.

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Why Social Security Is Not Enough

The severe economic crisis known as the Great Depression was so overwhelming to the US that it drained every possible means of financial aid for the unemployed, aging, widowed, orphaned and disabled.  In order to overcome the newly created obstacles resulting from a mass outbreak of poverty (and to help steer clear from it ever happening again), President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed the Committee on Economic Security.  His goal was to create a national program that could establish a financial backup for the unemployed and the aging, plus enable each individual state to provide a better range of welfare benefits.  With all of this in mind, the committee went to work and came up with the 1935 Social Security Act, which also established cash relief for the above individual’s dependent children, the blind, and other needy folks. All was paid for with a simple payroll tax.

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Value vs. Growth -Which Type of Fund is Right for You?

So you’re interested in investing some money and you’ve decided to go via the route of Mutual Funds.  Don’t be intimidated by big words and fancy terminology just yet, as there are different types of funds that require your attention first, like Value Funds and Growth Funds . Since each type of fund will yield completely different results, you’ll need to have a general idea of what your financial goals are (if you have a lot of time for your investments to sit or just a year or two) before you hand over a dime to any financial advisor or company. Here’s a bit of insight into the differences between the two.

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What the Heck is an ETF? The 411 on Exchange-Traded Funds

If you’ve made it this far, you should be a bit familiar with Mutual and Index Funds as investment products, the similarities and differences between them.  Now we’re going to throw another mix into the pot- and they’re called ETFs.

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